Bitumen Grade Enhancer

We offer a wide range of bitumen penetration grade enhancer that is used to determine the grade of bitumen. Our range of bitumen penetration grade enhancer including bitumen enhancer, bitumen grade enhancer and penetration enhancer is thoroughly checked at every stage of production to maintain the quality at international standards. Our team of engineers uses latest production techniques to manufacture the entire range of bitumen penetration grade enhancer.


Test Items Quality Index
Aromatics Hydrocarbon % Max 84
Kinematic Viscosity (100°C) mm2/s Max 52
Density (20°C) kg/m3 Max 93
Water % wt 0.35
Flash point Cleveland open cup°C Max 122
Acid Value mgKOH/g Nil


  • Bitumen Enhancer increases the volume of the bitumen by 30% while reducing its specific gravity and density.
  • It also reduces temperature susceptibility and maintains stiffer bitumen in hotter temperatures. It offers the wildest heat range of bitumen improvement, i.e. -22°c to +82°c.
  • In addition, it substantially reduces rutting and increases stability.


  • Bitumen enhancer will make the total asphalt surface 100% water proof compared to the present same surface which allows up to 15% moisture.
  • Due to the surface becoming water proof, no cracks or damage to the surface will take place.
  • The chemical will have more strength with period of time which enables the surface to resist against rougher environment.
  • The increase of the temperature tolerance to -22°c to +82°c will further enhance the durability of the surface.
  • If any weakness is there on the base on which the bitumen mixture is applied, the same will not be exposed to the moisture or water since the asphalt mixture is 100% water proof.