Melamine Formaldehyde (MF) Powder Resin

MF Powder Resin is supply in powder form which is suitable for application of base / decorative papers and overlay in the manufacture of high pressure decorative laminates, low pressure melamine surfaced wood boards / panels, and etc. In other words, it can be applied for Chipboard and MDF laminate purposes with clear shiny and good resistant performance.

It can also be used in the modification of Urea glues by physical blending for achieving overall improved properties of wood boards, especially for enhanced moisture resistance. This is more common in case of plywood gluing. The powder resin is first dissolved in water and the solution is then blended with Urea glue.

Specification :

  • Appearance : White free flowing powder
  • Volatile content (105°C/1hr) : Max 3%
  • Solubility : Soluble in water
  • Free Formaldehyde : Max 0.7 %
  • Solution storage life : depends on temperature
  • Viscosity at 30°C (50% Solution) : 20-40 cps
  • Gel time at boiling water(reactivity) : Max 150 sec
  • Storage life of powder resin : > 6 months